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Dyes Lorca Chemicals is born from the experience of our team in the sector. From the beginning our main objective is offer chemical products of the best quality.

Dyes Lorca Chemicals born from the experience of our team in the sector and with the desire to create competitive chemical products and with the best quality for the tannery industry. Our main goal is that our customers achieve more enduring products and with high quality finishing.

From the beginning, our main goal was to provide products for the tannery industry, but some of our products are also used in other sectors. For example, the textile sector use of dyes and water-repellent products to achieve different finishes that this industry demands today. Our dyes and other finishing products are also used by the paper and wood industry, achieving very good results.

Our main customers are the tanning companies that need our products to be used in the different phases of converting skins into suitable leathers for use in the footwear industry, leather goods, upholstery, saddlery, etc. For example, in our catalog you can find different types of surfacants, retanning agents, finishes, etc. to process the skins and be able to turn them into leather. Take a look at our products section and you will see everything that we can offer to you.

More than 10 years of experience endorses us and makes our customers have in us, not only a supplier of chemicals products for his process, but a partner in which to be able to trust to obtain the best results in their products. We like to work closely to our customer, achieving a trusted and a long relationship.

Our main base is in the city of Lorca (Murcia) – Spain. We distribute our dyes for finishing and transformation, greasings, retanning, resins, waxes and other products to all the world thanks to our extensive network of partners with headquarters all over the world. Our network of distributions arises due to the increasing demand of our products all over the world, so Dyes Lorca Chemical S.A. associates or creates companies in the most strategic areas to offer the best service to our customers an deal with our customers in the closest possible way.

In addition to Spain, we have offices in Portugal, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Mongolia. From these places we distribute our products to the markets of South America, China, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain and Portugal.

Nuestra historia

  • 2005Born Dyes Lorca

    Dyes Lorca is born by the direction of Damian Cuadrado
  • 2010 Dyes Lorca becomes Dyes Lorca Chemicals S.A.

    After the growth of Dyes Lorca, it was decide to establish Dyes Lorca Chemicals S.A., giving entry to new parteners that help the international expansion of the company.
  • 2010Born of DR Leather Chemicals

    Dyes Lorca becomes partner of DR Leather Chemicals, a new company created to offer our products in Portugal, China, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Lebanon.
  • 2012Born of Dyes Andina

    Dyes Andina born, a new company to offer our services in Ecuador and Bolivia market.
  • 2014Born Dyes New Mongolia

    Dyes New Mongolia is born, based in Ulambator (Mongolia), this company is responsible for providing service in the Mongolian market.
  • 2015Born Dyes Andina Peru

    Dyes Andina Peru is born, this company based in Lima (Peru) is created to serve the Peruvian market.

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